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Patio Trend Alert: Mismatched Dining Chairs

We’ve been in love with mismatched dining chairs for a while now and we’re ecstatic to finally see this trend bleed over to exterior spaces. There’s nothing wrong with buying a matching dining set— it’s easy, practical, and can bring your space a sense of cohesion. However, for those who prefer things less cookie-cutter and more bohemian and whimsical, mismatched dining chairs are perfect for your patio. If you want the best of both worlds, the convenience of buying a set and the flair of mismatched chairs, you’re in luck! As this trend grows, some brands are designing sets with mismatched chairs that still look cohesive with the dining table like the Lloyd Flanders dining set below. Want to take the trend up a notch? Try mismatching your chairs not only with your table but with the other chairs as well. Adding an eclectic mix of different types of chairs can bring seriously playful vibes to your outdoor space. Need more inspiration? Here are some of our favorite examples of mismatched dining chairs:

Patio Trend Alert Mismatched Dining Chairs

Homecrest Kinzie Sling Aluminum Dining Set

Patio Trends Mismatched Dining Chairs LLoyd Flanders

Lloyd Flanders Mackinac Wicker Dining Set

Mismatched Dining Chairs HGTV

Image Via HGTV

Mismatched Dining Chairs: HGTV

Image Via HGTV

Mismatched Dining Chairs Patio Decor

Image Via HGTV

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