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Tone On Tone: Monochrome Furniture For Your Patio

For the passionate minimalist, monochrome has been an interior design staple for decades. Sticking to one color when decorating allows you to explore all the different shades and hues in your palette. Decorating a monochrome space keeps things polished and thoughtfully designed, successfully avoiding chaotic colors and prints that clash. Here are some of our favorite uses of monochrome furniture in patio and outdoor spaces:

White and Grey Monochrom Furniture

Via The Posh Home

This cozy porch from The Posh Home sticks to a cool grey palette that’s effortlessly chic. From the comfortable textiles to the stark stone coffee tables, we love the organic appeal in this monochrome space.

Black Monochrom Furniture Dining Set

EMU Darwin Steel Lounge Set

This sleek all black outdoor dining set from PatioLiving is one of our favorite monochrome sets on the market right now. The bold lines of this set catch our eye, and it’s contemporary design keeps things fresh even though it’s all one color.

Monochrome Furniture: Source Outdoor Furniture Relax Aluminum Daybed

Source Outdoor Furniture Relax Aluminum Daybed

Daybeds and loungers are already sleek, but adding a monochrome palette makes them ooze downtown sophistication. Instantly add sophistication to any space with this monochrome daybed from PatioLiving paired with complimentary side tables.

Monochrome Furniture: Galtech Wood 11 Foot Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella

Galtech Wood 11 Foot Quad Pulley Lift Umbrella

Though monochrome purists wouldn’t consider this space truly one color, an easy way to add the uniform aesthetic of monochrome to your space is with cushions, textiles, and accessories. This Galtech umbrella perfectly matches the lounge set’s cushions for a perfectly pulled together look.

Black Monochrome Furniture

Image Via East Side Home

Outdoor spaces filled with black monochrome furniture always feel sleek and well designed. Choosing patio materials with texture like wicker is a great way to add dimension to a monochrome space. To add flair to your patio, spring for black and white monochrome printed cushions.

Monochrom Furniture Gray

Via Daniel Cuevas

If you wanted to feel less limited in your color palette, decorating a space using white, grey, and black monochrome furniture will still give off a monochrome vibe but will give you more options when you’re shopping. Keep black to a minimum (just in the frames as seen above) for a cool and breezy look.

Featured Image Via Daniel Cuevas.