Front Porch Design Ideas We Love

The best way to add some serious curb appeal to your home is by (perfectly) decorating your front porch. Whether yours is small or large, open or screened-in, porches help set a welcoming tone and should not be overlooked when it comes time to decorate your outdoor spaces. If you’re in need of some serious inspiration, we’ve complied our favorite front porch design ideas that are sure to get your decorating juices flowing in no time.

Be Bold With Your Color Choices: Though black and neutral colors might dominate your interiors, consider using bold color of your porch. Whimsical shades of yellow, bright blue, or rosy pink can make your space look even more inviting and cheerful.

Front Porch Design Ideas: Monochrome Color

Image Via Kylie M Interiors

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Porch Swing: You really can’t. If your space can support it, a porch swing is an essential. There’s almost nothing better than relaxing on your porch swing on a gorgeous summer day. Shop PatioLiving’s wide array of outdoor swings here.

Front Porch Design Ideas: Porch Swing

Image Via Cottage and Vine

Add A Pop Of Color On Your Ceiling: Painting your porch ceiling can be a great way to add an unexpected pop of color to your space. Coordinate your pillows and decor around your ceiling by sticking to one color palette (like the porch below) and your space will feel expertly designed.

Front Porch Design Ideas: Plants

Image Via Country Living

Choose Outdoor Furniture That Rocks: Sorry for the cheesy pun, but we couldn’t help ourselves. Just like porch swings, outdoor rocking chairs are essential pieces of furniture to have on your patio. One of our favorite front porch design ideas is to pair two rocking chairs with an end table for an instant cozy conversation nook.

Front Porch Design Ideas: Rocking Chairs

Image Via Country Living

Think Vertical: Incorporating plants onto your porch can be a great way to add positive energy to your space and breath some life into your designs. If your patio is on the smaller side, try hanging planters. These vertical gardens look unique and won’t take up any precious real estate on your porch.

Front Porch Design Ideas: Hanging Plants, Vertical Garden

Image Via Gardenoholic

Give Your Space A Backdrop: Of all our front porch design ideas, this is the most adventurous but when executed well can look amazing on any porch: curtains. On the porch below featured on HGTV, the designer used curtains on both sides of the porch to create a stunning visual backdrop for the space.

Front Porch Design Ideas: Pop Of Color, Garden Stools

Image Via HGTV

Paint Your Front Door: If space is really limited on your front porch, consider making a stylish statement with a colorful front door instead of your furniture. From green to yellow to blue, any color will work as long as it’s a bright and cheery shade!

Front Porch Design Ideas Colorful Door

Image Via Zillow

Front Porch Design Ideas: Colorful Painted Door

Image Via Memorable Decor

Featured Image Via HGTV.